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Stripper of the Month
Full given name:
Erik Alan Altemus


First Broadway show you saw:
The Producers

Favorite part you've played onstage:
The Emcee in Cabaret

Dream role:
Sally Bowles in Cabaret

Favorite activities:
Hiking, swimming, biking, adventuring...Anything outdoors!

Favorite books:
Anything by Murakami! He appeals to my unrealistic perception of reality. I also love reading poetry, Pablo Neruda and Patti Smith are two of my faves!

Favorite movies:
Clue, Amelie and this little trilogy called The Lord Of The Rings.

Favorite television show:
The Comeback, House of Cards, Looking, Game of Thrones, Homeland, Girls. TV is so good right now!

People you admire:
My Mom and Dad. Aw.

Favorite job before theatre:
Once, I was an assistant to a family friend who owned a very successful business. My duties included taking his BMW to the car wash and doing routine Starbucks runs. I always stretched those drives out for as long as possible.

Worst job before theatre:
Retail: I worked at an Anthropologie here in the city for about two days and then had to quit! So many knick-knacks!

Favorite song to sing:
The entire Beyoncé catalog.

Favorite song to strip to:
Ave Maria, NOT the Beyoncé version! Um, honestly, I've never thought about this in my life...

Sexiest city in the world:
It's not a city per se, but the Maldive Islands in the Indian Ocean are pretty damn sexy.

Celebrity crush:
Melissa McCarthy

Guilty pleasures:
Levain Bakery Cookies and Willow Smith's new music.

Greatest ambition:
To leave behind something that will live on forever when I'm long gone.

If you could have three wishes, what would they be?:
Three wishes? Hmmm... (1) To own a house in the Pacific Northwest region, complete with an adorable family (2) For all the pollution and waste on the Earth to magically disappear (3) To be able to fly.

Favorite Broadway Bares moment:
Watching all of the numbers for the first time at the final run through.

Why is it important to you to be a part of Broadway Bares:
Broadway Bares presents our community with the opportunity to directly impact the lives of people who need our help. Nowadays, with social media it is so easy to "support" so many causes but to actually get on your hands and knees (excuse the pun) and EARN that support...That feels incredible. Plus, who wouldn't want to get naked and shake their booty onstage in front of a bunch of beautiful people?

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