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Stripper of the Month
Full given name:

Nick names:
P. no one ever uses my last name for anything. I've considered dropping it entirely. However i also think I -in NO WAY- have earned a one name status...... yet haha!

Zodiac sign:
Taurus. Strong, passionate, subborn taurus. ;)

First Broadway show ever saw:
Ooh lord that was a long time ago. Maybe Cats? Probably Cats. Love cats

Favorite part you've ever played on stage:
Hmm! That is tough- probably Nice Work. The dancing in that show was so fun and I had such a blast performing every night. I hold my time spent as Meg Giry in PHANTOM really close to my heart though, being a part of that show was really special to me.

What Rock N Roll Icon would you like to be:
Madonna. Blonde Ambition. (lucky me- dreams come true huh?)

What song to you like to strip to:
Talk Dirty to me.

What song do you sing in the shower:
The only place I will attempt a Jessie J song.. In the shower. Gotta try those riffs out in a safe steamy place

Work-out Routine:
Dance Class. Usually jazz with Debbie Roshe or ballet with Alex Tressor. SouldCycle. Physique 57.

Celebrity Crush:
There has only been one, Benedict Cumberbatch. I mean, even that name right? He is one fine man..

Guilty Food:
There is no guilt involved with any of my food. I am a pasta enthusiast and have been in a long term relationship with pop tarts.

What three things would you bring with you to a deserted island?
My man, my dog and I'd probably buy another dog, or horse or something fun and bring it. I'm a huge animal person, I'd be a dog hoarder if I wasn't a performer.

If you were granted three wishes what would they be?
I am already sure this wish has been granted for me but to have the most incredible life filled with love, I am so lucky to be marrying the man of my dreams and I just continue to wish us a life of travel and joy and work and overflowing with love.

For dogs to live human lifespans.

To have a career full of work that I love, to be on stage and screen working with friends and playing parts that challenge me -to always be working, on something I love.

Favorite Broadway Bares moment:
This will be my fourth year participating in BARES. But I have to say my favorite moment would have to be the first performance the very first year I did the show. It was such a rush. I was on pointe in this super sexy S&M number and it was just so fun and sexy and I have never felt so bad ass. Every year there is something really special I remember, but that first year is going to be really hard to top. Here is to making new memories this year!

Why is it important to you to be a part of Broadway Bares?
Broadway Bares is so near and dear to my heart. Growing up in a theater family from a young age I have seen many people affected by HIV/AIDS and have watched my parent say goodbye to far too many close friends who lost the battle to this awful virus. I am deeply passionate about raising awareness and funds to support the ongoing search for a cure and for treatment for all those who are affected. We can make such a difference when we come together to help each other. I am so proud to be part of Broadway Bares and look forward to continuing my close relationship with Broadway Cares for the rest of my life!

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